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Anne Gudrun Michaelsen, 29 year old Artist // Songwriter from Alta, Norway. Studied an undergraduate Bachelor in Popular Music at Falmouth University. Over the last couple of years she worked with songwriters and artist such as: Armin Van Buuren, Maegan Cottone, Becky Smich, Nicki Adamsson, Late 9, Alida, Jesper Borgen, Jordan Grace, Nina Chuba, Deep Chills, Leony, Charlotte Boss, Paul Harris, Anthony Keyrouz, Space Primates, Jonas Aden, Mio, Nick Strand, Cali Rodi, Vanessa Campagna, Eirk Smaaland, Salvo, Jason Ok, Jungleboi, Nick Hugeson, Jordan Powers, Paul Hers, Jay Prior, Caroline Hartung, Tanisha Jackson & Glen Roberts. Attended several major songwriter camps, such as in collabarations with Armada Music, Cloud 9, Roba, ULTRA Music, Disney Music Publishing & Perscription Songs. Her big writing talent for uniqe melodies, and special voice makes Anne Gudrun a topliner to watch. 


Recent featured release "Love Is A Drug" with Armin Van Buuren, has become a fan favorite. New release "Heart for tonight" Tungevaaag, “Strangers Do” with Jonas Aden - AFTR:HRS, "Annie are you ok" (Mio, LUMIX ) Spinnin Records, "With You" Universal Music,  "I hope you know" Universal  Music.

"Anne Gudrun´s voice has one of the most beautiful timbres I´ve ever heard "

                                                             - Morten Harket, Vokalist A-ha

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